Questions from a Heavy Heart
Chad Johnson
March 5, 2010

Why is light given to a man whose way is hid, and whom God hath hedged in? Job 3:23 KJV

I have often heard that we should never ask God why. I am very sure that the person who stated that never faced much of a trial.

Here perfect and upright Job asks a question. The light here refers to life itself. Job wondered why would a man even have life whose way was hid. Job did not know where to go or which way to turn. I am sure Job rehearsed in his mind and searched in his heart for some sin that he was being punished for.

The words of God our Father have cleared Job of any unconfessed sin. Job could not understand why he had life but the way was hid to him. We must remember when our way is hid because the trial of our faith that we must not get out of the right way. When we cannot track God we can trust Him. Job also felt hedged in this terrible situation.

Job saw no way out of his great despair. He felt trapped with no hope of escape. We, as the people of God, can find ourselves in many tight places on this journey. We must remember with every trial there comes a way of escape. Every thing has a season and runs its course.

So if today you are hedged in by a trial from the hand of God, just remember it is better to be there with God than to be in the open with the devil. So ask your why and let God answer in His time.